You will enjoy Gramade if you like:

  • Getting away from it all.
  • Walking and adventure….and even if you don’t!
  • Sitting on a terrace enjoying a glass of wine.
  • Real village life, kind people and a slow pace.
  • Shepards with their flocks, cows and donkeys!
  • Fresh food and endless summer sunshine.
  • Quiet that is only broken by the trickle of a mountain spring.
  • Wide open skies and stars.

Please do NOT consider booking if you expect:

  • Clubbing & busy bars.
  • Eastern block mens clubs.
  • To wear high heels.
  • A short transfer (travel can be around 3 hrs to get there).
  • An all inclusive hotel.
  • Not to have to walk up a hill.

Sadly at this time there is NO wheel chair access & it is also not recommended for those with limited mobility.

We can safely say that as long as this type of holiday is your ‘cup of tea’ then you will NOT get better value for money for the unique experience this trip will bring!