Enjoy beautiful views, fresh mountain air and endless sunshine.

Bulgaria is a beautiful country of diverse landscape, in the south eastern corner of Europe. It has a population of roughly 7.3 million people. The Bulgarian countryside offers everything from tall snow capped mountains, to tranquil lakes and ancient forests.

The country has much to offer the adventure traveller in search of something different. Don’t believe the image often portrayed by the media of Bulgaria, as a cheap package holiday destination. Let us help you discover the real Bulgaria.

Food & drink
The food is delicious, majority is locally grown
Mountain water straight from numerous trickling springs!

Raw cows milk (if arranged the day before) will be pulled from the nearest cow – which is used to make a whole range of yummy cheeses
The neighbours have 10 chickens & will supply you with fresh laid eggs.

Rhodopian potatoes are world renowned & are grown throughout the village, as are beans, peppers, tomatoes, onions, zucchini, marrows, cucumber …
Fruit grows in abundance on the trees & can be picked directly (in fact, we need you to!) …

Much more can be bought at very reasonable prices at roadside stalls or in village markets, as can locally made jams from a multitude of berries & honey from many regions.

Bulgaria makes its own beer & wine
Grapes do grow in this region but the vineyards lay on the Northern edge of the mountains
(so far I have not seen a beer tree!)

Walking in the mountains is absolutely beautiful. Guided walking tours can be arranged in advance (from 1 Hr to several days)
However the area is very safe & it is possible to figure things out with a good map or GPS.

We have a trained kinesthesiologist, Maia, who will come to the houses and give a hour full body massge for 25e (& is one of the very best); 2 person min.

There is a pool about 10 mins from the houses & another in a more quaint setting about 20 mins by car
(Charge is 1/2 euro per person for the whole day, this is waived if you buy a drink!)

Greece is 5 km away (but normally a 35 km drive to an open border!). You can drive yourself – just be sure that your car rental insurance is extended to cover a trip to Greece.
‘Tailor made’ trips are an option; you can drive or be driven if you prefer. An over night stay is recommended (if you have enough time) & can be arranged.

They include exploring the woods & forests, visiting caves & for the adventurous amongst you going in & exploring.

All sorts of fun activities can be arranged such as driving quad bikes through the moutains, forest jeep safari, ziplines, etc.
There are museums & mines (even a bean museum!) – some more interesting than others!