Event Time: 9am / Event Location: Monestary, Village & Fortress: €35

Adventure Holidays in Bulgaria

Monestary, Village & Fortress

Near to Uhlovitsa Cave we can pass through a very pretty village called Koshnitsa. where is locality Kaleto and old Tracian fortress,the monastery of St.Atanas and the legendary peak of Kralyov kamak (Royal stone).

We can visit the hospitable village of Mogilitsa with authentic Rodopean arhitecture, interesting customs and traditions. Here of centre is located the interesting village monument of wooden vessel an spoon(made frome local people).

Mogilitsa is mainly noted for the famous Agushevi konatsi situated in the opozit of village monument.

There are even more things to see here.

  • Driving from Gramada to Beach 3 Hrs
  • Driving from Gramada to Xanthia 2.5 Hrs
  • 5 km to Rudozem from Gramade
  • Rudozem to Xanthia is 70 km
  • Zlatograd to Xanthia is 40km
  • Rudozem to Beach 80km

2 hrs min at museum in Zlatograd