Event Time: 8:30 am / Event Location: Gramade, Bulgaria €60

The day will start at 8:30 am we will collect from Gramade village & return you about 6 pm. This trip includes lunch around midday. People can take walking shoes & equipment.

We will go to the village of Smillian. From there we will travel in old fashioned style with the use of very limited horse power!

Either riding or in a hose pulled cart we will travel through the mountain for about 2 hours to the next village Arda.

Which is a picturesque Rodophe village situated in the upper river valley of the Arda. The village by the same name.Arda is surrounded on all sides by mountain peaks, hills and ridges. This charming village is only 3km away From the border with neighboring Greece.
Today the village is becoming more popular as a destination of rural and eco tourism.
We can see how people live there, how they produce their one food. We will have lunch with some local people there at their own house.