Jaylan – Operations Manager

    Jaylan is our onsite operations manager. She is extremely efficient & can tailor make your holiday for you.

    If you need collecting from the airport, a car, booking trips, food etc.. she will be on hand to tend to your every need.

    Jaylan lives locally & is well versed in looking after our clients. She is there to help make your trip as stress free & enjoyable as possible.

    Best time to reach her to discuss your trip is:

    • 5 pm to 7 pm – UK
    • 6 pm to 8 pm – Central Europe
    • (9am to 11am – West Coat USA)
    • (12 to 2pm – East Coast USA)

    Jaylan will try to take your call at anytime, but during the day she maybe busy with our guests, so please leave her a voicemail.

    She will endeavour to contact you at a convenient time.


    Email: info@bghols.com

    Phone: +1 415 800 4085 (charged at a local US rate normally not too expensive in any country)

    Skype: bghols (free of charge – just type in bghols & you will see Jaylan’s name in Bulgaria)